WordPress Tutorial on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in 2020

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Are you planning to host your site on the Google Cloud platform? Well, You’ve made a wise choice!

Google Cloud can be the best option for your business website or personal blog. With proper optimization, you can even host your mid-large WP site there with the basic f1-micro plan. You don’t believe this basic starter plan (f1-micro) just cost you less than five dollars per month.

Google also offer 300 USD free credit balance with 1 year (12 months) validity to explore their services. Anyone can take this advantage during their first sign up on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

So, without spending anything from your pocket, you can test their service for a year. Isn’t it an amazing offer?

Well, if you still thinking about choosing google cloud network, then please check below some of the pros of GCP.

Why Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is recommended?

  • Free Trial – Google offers a 1-year trial to explore its cloud services. Everyone can take this advantage during Google Cloud Sign Up for the first time. Just a valid credit or debit card required to claim a free 300 USD credit balance which you can use during your trial period (Valid for 365 Days). After ending the trial they don’t auto charged, they will ask you, and you can choose your plan also. So if you’re new on blogging, then it can be your best place for practice. Existing website owners also can join here and take these trial opportunities.
  • Reasonable Plans and Pricing – You can host your website on Superfast Google Server for less than $5 per month. As per your need, you can customize plans also.
  • Fast Servers – At Google Cloud, you will experience blazing-fast speed compared to any other cloud platform.
  • Secure – You don’t need to worry about your security when you’re on the Google server. When it’s about our safety, we can trust and feel safe with google cause google servers are more secure than any other hosting providers.
  • Guaranteed Uptime – Cloud hosting copies your site onto multiple servers. If one goes down, another will take its place. It means you’ll experience nearly 100% uptime.

Ok, now I hope you made a decision to lunch your WordPress site on Google Cloud Platform. So without further delay, let’s start!

How to Start a WordPress Site on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

There are several options available on the GCP Marketplace for installing WordPress at your VM Instances. Each application’s pricing is different based on the services they are offering.

So as a newbie, I’ll suggest you go with Bitnami or Openlitespeed or Google Click-to-Deploy version of WordPress. These three applications are easy to use, secure, and they are completely free.

Start a WordPress Site on GCP [ Bitnami Version ]

If you never used Bitnami application stacks before then, it can be a little difficult to understand its function. But don’t worry, with the help of my step by step tutorial It will be very easy.

Ok, now to get started with Bitnami WordPress, follow my steps below –

Step 1: Log in to your Google Cloud account then visit Marketplace Page and search for “WordPress Bitnami”.

Step 2: Now follow these steps to Install the Certified Bitnami Version of WordPress on Google Cloud Platform.

Step 3: After completing the installation, you need to reserve a Static IP address for your site. Check this tutorial to learn how to reserve and configure a static IP address on VM instance of Google Cloud Platform.

Step 4: Now it’s time for your custom domain setup on Google Cloud Server.

Step 5: After domain pointing on Google Cloud Server, a few steps you need to follow to configure your domain name so that it works properly with your WordPress website. Follow this Step to Configure your Domain for WordPress on Google Cloud Platform.

Step 6: Ok, now your Bitnami WordPress site is ready, but you will see there is an annoying Bitnami logo appear on the right bottom corner of your website. Follow this guide to remove Bitnami Banner permanently from WordPress on Google Cloud.

Step 7: Your site is now ready for your audience. You can change your site outlook by changing its default theme, or you can customize it as you want.

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Start a WordPress Site on GCP [ Google Click-to-Deploy Version ]

There are multiple ways available to install WordPress on GCP, but one of the simplest ways is using Click to Deploy of WordPress. So follow my steps below to getting started with WordPress on GCP with Google Click to Deploy Version of WordPress.

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Cloud Console then visit Marketplace Page and search for “WordPress Google Click to Deploy“.

Step 2: Now follow these steps to Install Google Click-to-Deploy Version of WordPress on Google Cloud.

Step 3: After completing the installation, reserve a Static IP address for your WP site then proceed to the domain setup and configuration (Same process that already mentioned in the bitnami installation section).

Step 4: After finishing the process, your site will be live. Now design customization and other setup are up to you. You can customize your site as you want.

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Google Click to Deploy Version of WordPress is more reliable and simple compared to the Bitnami WordPress. You might able to see little performance difference on their same starter plan, but pricing is cheaper on Bitnami WordPress. You can even run your Bitnami WP site for paying less than 4 US dollars per month. So according to your needs, you can choose your application.

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  1. Rob says

    I tried setting up my WordPress hosting on Google cloud and found that it takes a ton of time and was a bit more tiresome then what i was expecting. I have subbed to your blog so i get your RSS feed in my inbox. This post caught my eye, as I recently tried out Amazon EC2 for web hosting and I also have Digital Ocean a go.

    I have found that the time you put in to get it going, you are just better off paying someone else to do it, or paying for a monthly plan, especially when you have to setup security features. I came across http://social.seobetter.com/kinsta

    Could you take a look at this company and get back to me as I know they run their hosting on the Google cloud.

    1. Chiranjit Bera says

      Yes, I saw their site earlier. Their pricing is a bit expensive where google cloud offers a reasonable price. Security, Site Management is just easier at Kinsta and they Include free CDN and SSL which is great. But still, their price is high.

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