How to use labels as categories on Google Blogger

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Blogger has an inbuilt feature called labels that we can use on our blog post section to arrange our all posts into a specific category. I choose this topic cause I have seen many people confused about Blogger Labels and its use.

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Ok, now without wasting time, Let’s see what blogger labels are and how we can use them as categories.

What are labels in blogger?

From my understanding, a Label is similar to the category or grouping, which you can use to group your posts on blogger. Labels are acts as a reference in your blogger search function. When a user searches for a particular topic on google blogger by using a label/tag, then the blog engine can list down those related posts, which are group under that specific label.

How to use labels properly on google blogger

We have a common misconception about blogger labels; that is, labels/post categories/tags have SEO value, and adding keywords into the label section may help to improve our SEO ranking. But the truth is, they don’t help in your SEO ranking factor. They help to organize your content, and they will help your readers to find related type posts.

So, entering a lot of keywords into the label section isn’t a good idea. Google may detect it as keyword stuffing or spam activity, and SEO ranking may be affected by doing this. So, stay away from this, and I think 3 to 4 labels will be enough to group similar types of posts.

Ok, now let me show you how to add labels on the blogger post section.

Setp 1: Adding label to your blogger post section

  1. Go to the blogger dashboard.
  2. Now click on the “Posts” link on the left-hand side.
Blogger Dashboard - Posts Page Section
  1. Now click on the title of the post to edit.
  2. In the Post Editor section, check on the right-hand side and click on the Labels tab from there.
  1. In this field, type your category name. Here you can separate multiple categories with commas and then save the data by clicking on the Done button.
Blogger Labels add or modify option
  1. You can also quickly add Labels by clicking on the existing labels listed below the field. You also can able to edit/modify your labels from this option.
  2. After you’re done adding/editing labels on the post editor section, click on the orange Update button at the top of the post editor section to save the record.

Step 2: Find your blogger category/label page link (URL)

After creating labels on blogger, you can able to see their list on blogger posts area. In the below image, you can see how it looks like.

Now to view any label page link, you need to open a post where you added that label previously.

At google blogger, labels usually appear in the post header or post footer section. So you will see them either below your post title section or under your content section. These labels are linked to a search label page in blogger. So, if you click on one of these categorized links, you will be redirected to a search page on your blog, and that will show all the posts with that particular label attached. If you labeled your post “blogging,” then the URL will look like this – http://your blog address/search/label/blogging.

Blogger post labels

Use of Post Labels on Google Blogger

I already showed how we could use blog labels to arrange our all posts into a specific category. Now let’s see it’s another use –

Using labels in navigation

Adding labels to our navigation menu section can be a great idea, cause here, we can easily point our blog labels into a category. To do this follow my given steps below.

  1. Visit blogger dashboard then click on the Layout tab
  2. Find your menu link list gadget and then click on edit option to edit.
  3. a pop-up window will be open and there you need to Configure Link List.
  4. Now in the New Site Name section, enter the link name that you want to show on the menu area.
  5. Next, in the New Site URL field, paste your label page link address ( URL )and then click on the Add Link button to add your link.
  6. Now click on the Save button to finish the setup.

Blogger generates post labels link automatically, which you can’t customize. You need to find that page label or category link to use it on your menu or other section.

I hope you find this tutorial helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the below comment section.

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