Best Wayback Machine Alternative Sites to Check History of a Website

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The Wayback Machine is well known as the best internet archiving website, being used by millions of people every day. It’s a non-profit online application that allows us to see what a particular Web site looked like at some time in the past from 1996 to the present.

Internet Archive Wayback Machine has cataloged more than 370 billion web pages from as far back as 1996. So there is a chance that the website you want to see can be found on their record as long as the site allows for crawlers and if it’s not password protected or blocked. You can even manually archive any page you want so that you can always have access to it in the future.

Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternatives

Wayback Machine is the best platform to find historical data of any website. Now the question is, What if doesn’t work? Then how we will check the history of a site?

Well, we found a solution for that, so don’t worry. Here is the list of top 5 alternatives of Wayback Machine, check their services and choose the one which solves your need. is very popular and one of the oldest Wayback machine alternative site. This site is getting so much popularity on the internet because of its easy navigation and simple archiving mode.

Here you not only get to access the content on the website but take screenshots as well, which will be saved for everyone to see. It’s a perfect solution to get all the details about a website, including data and graphical information.

When talking about websites like Wayback Machine, the 2nd best site name that comes to my mind is Its name defines everything by a single word. It just takes a snapshot of the websites and saves it to their database so that you can access it anytime.

The Screenshots have 300+ million current and historical snaps on their database, which is way similar as compared to the Wayback Machine. That’s why I’ve listed it on my second-best sites like Wayback machine.

Stillio is one of my favorite web archiving tool which makes web archive is quite easy. You just need to enter your website or page address and set a frequency at which you want to capture the screenshots (daily, weekly, monthly basis) and leave everything to it. It’s a fully organized and automated platform. With this application, you always have full control over these screenshots, and no one can ever delete a particular screenshot from its database apart from you.

Stillio is very user-friendly, and here you can easily manage your brand and monitor your websites. You can track trends, your competitors, even your SEO rankings just by instructing on its dashboard.

Pagefreezer is very similar to the Wayback Machine, which uses crawling technology like Google Cache. It makes the archiving process for your website more comfortable cause here archiving is fully automatic, and it doesn’t require any software installation. So, If you want to analyze your competitor websites data or want to see your own site records, then Page Freezer can be an excellent choice.

Live Browsing, Real-time Archiving, Social Media Archiving, Legal Evidence, Digital signature, WebPage Comparison, and Data Export are some key features of PageFreezer. It protects your website records without missing anything.


ITools is another similar internet archive tool that can be used to archive webpages. This tool is entirely free, and you don’t need to register for an account to use its service.

ITools is slightly different from the others on this list because you cannot access the archives from its homepage. This toolbox works as a website analyzer which lets you analyze website details including traffic of the website, statistics, Alexa rank, Whois Infomation, and more.

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Hope you guys found this article helpful and able to pick your preferred internet archive Wayback machine alternative site according to your need. These are the Best Wayback Machine Alternative Sites to view archived websites, and they are fully trusted and working fine.

If you find any other better sites apart from the given list, then feel free to let me know in the comment section.

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