How to Find Inspiration for Your Writing

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I assume that you are a writer who loves to write, however, is stuck in the phase where we all have been some time or other. ‘The Writer’s block’ and thus stopped by with the hope of getting a writer’s inspiration to push through this phase.

Yes, you have come to an absolute right place, as in this article, I will be sharing almost 30 ways you can get yourself inspired to get writing!

Writing Inspiration – Tips on How to Get Inspired to Write

Set The Goal

First and foremost, set a goal about writing for yourself. But that goal should be realistic. It can be a goal to write for 1 hour a day or one blog post a day or draft two articles a day. Keeping realistic goals will ensure that you stick to the target each and every day.

And once you see that you are consistently completing the goal, challenge yourself with a new purpose, which is a step further.

Know The Reason

Knowing the reason deep down in your heart, as to why you are writing helps to keep on writing, especially in the earlier days of a writing career.

You should write not because someone else is writing or someone else has suggested you write, but you should write because you genuinely love to write.

Once you are aware of that ‘Why’ you are writing, writing will never seem like a burden.

Let Your Imagination Flow

Just imagining yourself, scribbling on the notepad, or typing speedily on the keyboard of your laptop or desktop may trick your mind, which is stuck in the Writer’s Block and get the process of writing going.

Find Your Place To Write

You can get engrossed in writing and get the creative work done if you are not distracted by noise or is distressed looking at the messy room which you couldn’t get yourself to cleaning.

The more you are concentrated on writing, the better is the quality of the content that you have created.

So find yourself a place to write where your mind won’t be disturbed, and you will notice that you’ll get much more writing done.

Change The Surroundings

Undoubtedly, having a dedicated workspace where you regularly write makes it easier for you to get into the mood of writing by shifting your mind into working mode.

However, the surroundings should be changed once in a while; it brings freshness to your mind while you are writing. Try writing at some new location, a park, a coffee shop, a library, a book store will do the magic, and fill your mind with much-needed freshness.

Let Your Writing Be

All the writers are guilty of this. We all are found to be guilty of this, at least at the starting phase of our writing journey. We always stop the flow of writing in between just to tweak a few words here and there to make the piece of the content we are writing absolutely perfect.

Well, the reality is that perfection never exists, and there is beauty in the so-called imperfections.

Anyhow, if there is a need for editing, then you can always go back to editing once we have finished with our writing part. This ensures that the flow of writing is not disturbed, and the task of writing is completed much more quickly.

Make Music Your Friend

Music is something that sets the tone of our mood in just a few moments. Therefore you can play your favorite music in the background while you sit and write down the blog post. This way of getting inspired to write is more effective if you are writing something emotional.

Cut Down The To-Do List

Yes, that is right; cutting down on the tasks that are listed on your to-do list, you will, in a way, allow yourself some time to sit down and write. With fewer jobs to tick off throughout the day, you will notice that you are way less stressed than you usually are and thus can focus more on writing.

Welcome The Criticism

No one likes that his or her work is criticized, but believe me, when I say that if you really need that motivation and inspiration to write well and keep on going further in your writing journey, then you must welcome criticism.

Much Needed Breaks

If you feel the burnt out and are lacking the motivation to write well, allow yourself to have some break for a few minutes to an hour if the need be.

In fact, you should set your schedule such that they are regular breaks in between two sessions of writing.

This will help you to freshen up your mood and thus focus well during the writing sessions.

Go Down The Memory Lane

You are going down the memory lane just to remember the good things that were said to you about your writing in the earlier days of your writing journey. Remember the first useful comment you ever received on your blog, and how it felt to know that someone far away has taken out time to not only read your blog but also leave a heart touching comment, just because he or she has liked what you have written.

So go back and revisit some of the very first blog posts and article you have ever written, as they will surely inspire you to write

Interact With Successful People

It is rightly said that you become just like the people you spend most of the time with. Thus, make it a point to surround yourself with people who have accomplished something and who spread positive vibes.

Writing Challenge

By challenging yourself every single day, you inspire you to perform well and push through the writer’s block. For doing so, you must record the number of words or number of blog posts you have written in the earlier days and even number of views or the number of positive comments you have received on your blog post from the previous day.

Now challenge yourself to come out of your comfort zone and take a little step further from the last blog post that you have written.

Green And Blue Are Your Colors

According to the research, green and blue colors are colors that have an influence on creativity. This is believed to be berceuse blue color implies eternal openness, and green color means the life that surrounds us in the form of trees.

Exercise For Motivation

When we already have a lot on our plate, exercising is something that we think about, at least. But we must take into account; exercise plays a vital role in giving a much-needed boost to unmotivated minds.

This is because, when we move, our heart pumps more blood, and thereby, more oxygen is provided to our brain, which gives that much-needed boost of energy and enthusiasm.

Caffeinated Drink

If you have ever been to a coffee shop in the morning working hours, you will notice that some people are working out of the coffee shop, especially the writers.

Because just one cup of coffee has enough coffee content that will make you feel more energetic and focused and thereby keeping you on top of the game.

Make Use Of Writing Tools

Making use of the writing tools will not only improve the quality of your writing but will also affect your writing speed. This, in turn, implies that you will write more content in comparatively less time.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Wear comfortable yet professional clothes. Get a comfortable chair to sit on and a nice desk to work on. Going further, you can also turn on the AC or the heater according to the requirements of the weather.

We don’t realize how these small things can turn your mood and help you start writing.

Write What’s On Your Mind

As a writer, you should not write what others are writing, but in reality, you should write something that you really feel or something that is going on in your mind.

Each and every one of us has some unique talent hidden within us, but only some of us get an opportunity to share it with the world.

So express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences through your writing.

Make It Known Online

Let the people know that you are a writer and that writing Is your passion. And the most natural way of letting people know it is by announcing it online.

This not only inspires you to write but also holds you accountable towards people.

Keep On Typing

This trick is used by me when I started writing, and by most of the other successful writers during the starting days of their writing journey.

Before trying out this trick, I thought it to be an utterly foolish idea, but this trick helped me to get more writing done in comparatively less time. And it will help you too.

Make Friends With Other Writers

Of inspiration or a gentle push to get going with your writing, then you must surround yourself with other writers. As they are on the same writing journey as you are, they will be the right people you can go to when you want to discuss some issues you are facing.

Read Regularly

Read something or other regularly; it may be a newspaper, magazine, or even a short story. It will not only refresh your mind and relax your body but also enhance your vocabulary and give you new ideas for your next blog post.

Take Rewards For Writing

According to psychologists, the human mind secretly looks forward to getting a reward when good work is done. It can be a paycheck that a person receives at the month-end or bonuses every once in a while.

But if you are a freelancer, it implies that you are your own boss. Thus, you should intentionally reward yourself so that you are motivated to work even harder.

Mix Things Up

Life can be dull sometimes. And this can hugely affect your writing as it will affect your mood so much so that you may not feel like writing at all.

So mix things up a little, bring about some changes here and there in your schedule. These small changes, if made, give your brain that instant boost of energy, making you feel more refreshed and more inclined towards writing.

A Calendar With Stickers

Get yourself a good calendar and a set of exciting stickers from the stationery store. Now sit down and plan your content strategy.

Now get writing. And every time you stick to your writing plan as well as the content strategy, pamper yourself with a cute sticker on the calendar.


Yes, you read it right!

If you do not feel motivated to write, all you have to do is just go to bed and relax.

This has often worked with me, and it may work with you too.

Take Out Time For Freewriting

Every single day takes out some time from your busy schedule to do freewriting. Take a piece of paper and write down everything that is on your mind, without taking a single pause. After you are done writing, read what you’ve written.

Believe me, this piece of paper will give you great ideas for content creation.

Keep A Writing Journal

Writing journal is a notebook kind of a thing wherein you write something every single day. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I highly recommend keeping a writing journal, as it can be quite inspiring.

Travel To A Busy Place

For some writers observing other people works as a source of motivation, and thus, they can get writing inspiration by visiting busy public areas.

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We hope by now, you must have come across a way that will give you the much-needed dose of writer inspiration and thus push you through the writer’s block, something that we writers dread of.

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